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Direct Primary Care is a new healthcare model that allows for a stronger relationship between doctor and patient, regardless of whether or not a patient has medical insurance. Instead of working for insurance companies, Dr. Whyte works for you, her patient, putting your needs first.  Our goal is to provided patients with affordable, accessible, price-transparent, quality healthcare.

About Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a new, growing, and different type of medical care.  By working for our patients instead of their insurance companies, we can offer 30-60 minute appointments where we can discuss more than just one or two concerns.  We can also offer video and telephone visits when appropriate, and even the opportunity to text your doctor for quick questions.  Because our practice only has a limited number patients, we can generally offer same and next day appointments, and we can work with patients to find appointment times that work for them.

It doesn’t just end there. Because the DPC model of healthcare is different, we can focus on building health, instead of just trying to treat sickness.

No medical insurance needed.  Just a monthly membership fee.  Medical insurance can be used for labs, imaging, and medications, but we have negotiated excellent cash pay pricing on these types of tests and offer wholesale pricing on medications for our patients, which is often much more affordable than the pricing offered when using insurance.

The Direct Primary Care movement is growing, as more patients demand a better healthcare experience.  There are currently about 1250 Direct Primary Care practices around the USA, and The Doctor Is In DPC is the first and only one in our area. Join the future of medical care today!


Dr. Stephanie Whyte

  • Dr. Stephanie Whyte


Dr. Stephanie Whyte
studied at Rush University in Chicago and completed her residency at University of Chicago NorthShore.